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static bool Process (csContour3 &polygon, csTriangleMesh &result)
 Triangulate a 3D polygon.

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A collection of functions for 3D triangulation.

This only includes functions for planar triangulation of 3D surfaces. That is, it does not triangulate a 3D object into tetrahedra, but finds and triangulates the surfaces of a polygon in 3D.

Definition at line 100 of file triangulate3d.h.

Member Function Documentation

static bool CS::Geometry::Triangulate3D::Process ( csContour3 polygon,
csTriangleMesh result 
) [static]

Triangulate a 3D polygon.

Triangulates a 3D polygon into a csTriangleMesh object. The polygon may contain holes.

true on success; false otherwise
polygon A contour representing a counter-clockwise traversal of the polygon's edge.
result The csTriangleMesh into which the resulting triangulation should be placed.
report2 A reporter to which errors are sent.
This function does not yet work correctly. Do not use until this message is removed.

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