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iengine/objwatch.h File Reference

Object change watcher. More...

#include "csutil/scf.h"

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struct  iObjectWatcher
 This is a generic object watcher. More...
struct  iObjectWatcherListener
 Implement this class if you're interested in hearing about object watcher events. More...



Operations indicate what has changed in one of the objects that is being watched.

#define CS_WATCH_NONE   0
 No operation recorded yet.
 Light has been destroyed.
 Light has moved.
 Light has changed radius.
 Light has changed color.
 Light has changed sector.
 Movable has been destroyed.
 Movable has changed otherwise.
 Light has changed attenuation.
 Sector has a new mesh.
 Sector has a removed mesh.

Detailed Description

Object change watcher.

Definition in file objwatch.h.

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