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iSndSysListenerDoppler Struct Reference
[Sound system]

Extension to the iSndSysListener interface, allowing Doppler shift effects. More...

#include <isndsys/ss_listener.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual float GetDopplerFactor ()=0
 Get the Doppler factor.
virtual float GetSpeedOfSound ()=0
 Get the speed of sound.
virtual const csVector3GetVelocity ()=0
 Get velocity (speed) of th elistener.
 SCF_INTERFACE (iSndSysListenerDoppler, 0, 0, 2)
 SCF2006 - See
virtual void SetDopplerFactor (const float DopplerFactor)=0
 Set the Doppler factor.
virtual void SetSpeedOfSound (const float SpeedOfSound)=0
 Set the speed of sound.
virtual void SetVelocity (const csVector3 &Velocity)=0
 Set velocity (speed) of the listener.

Detailed Description

Extension to the iSndSysListener interface, allowing Doppler shift effects.

The Doppler effect that causes sound sources the change in pitch as their relative velocities change. As an example the siren of an ambulance will increase in pitch as it approaches you, and decrease once it has passed you.

See also:

Definition at line 74 of file ss_listener.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual float iSndSysListenerDoppler::GetDopplerFactor (  )  [pure virtual]

Get the Doppler factor.

virtual float iSndSysListenerDoppler::GetSpeedOfSound (  )  [pure virtual]

Get the speed of sound.

virtual const csVector3& iSndSysListenerDoppler::GetVelocity (  )  [pure virtual]

Get velocity (speed) of th elistener.

iSndSysListenerDoppler::SCF_INTERFACE ( iSndSysListenerDoppler  ,
virtual void iSndSysListenerDoppler::SetDopplerFactor ( const float  DopplerFactor  )  [pure virtual]

Set the Doppler factor.

virtual void iSndSysListenerDoppler::SetSpeedOfSound ( const float  SpeedOfSound  )  [pure virtual]

Set the speed of sound.

virtual void iSndSysListenerDoppler::SetVelocity ( const csVector3 Velocity  )  [pure virtual]

Set velocity (speed) of the listener.

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