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csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32 Class Reference

Memory mapping for Win32. More...

#include <csutil/win32/mmap.h>

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Protected Member Functions

 csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32 ()
 Create a new mapping.
void MapWindow (PlatformMemoryMapping &mapping, size_t offset, size_t len)
 Map a part of the file into memory and return a pointer to mapped data.
void UnmapWindow (PlatformMemoryMapping &mapping)
 Unmap a mapping of the file.
 ~csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32 ()
 Destroy file mapping.

Protected Attributes

HANDLE hFileMapping
 Handle to the mapping.
HANDLE hMappedFile
 Handle to the mapped file.

Detailed Description

Memory mapping for Win32.

This class serves as the platform-dependent part of csMemoryMappedIO, use that for memory mapping support in your application.

Definition at line 35 of file mmap.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32::csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32 (  )  [protected]

Create a new mapping.

csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32::~csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32 (  )  [protected]

Destroy file mapping.

Member Function Documentation

void csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32::MapWindow ( PlatformMemoryMapping &  mapping,
size_t  offset,
size_t  len 
) [protected]

Map a part of the file into memory and return a pointer to mapped data.

offset and len are the offset and length of the part of the file to map. Both should be multiples of the granularity returned by GetPageGranularity(); otherwise, the function may fail. Returns 0 in case of failure.

void csPlatformMemoryMappingWin32::UnmapWindow ( PlatformMemoryMapping &  mapping  )  [protected]

Unmap a mapping of the file.

Member Data Documentation

Handle to the mapping.

Definition at line 46 of file mmap.h.

Handle to the mapped file.

Definition at line 44 of file mmap.h.

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