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csWin32RegistryConfig Class Reference

An iConfigFile, storing the settings in the Windows registry. More...

#include <csutil/win32/registrycfg.h>

Inherits scfImplementation1< csWin32RegistryConfig, iConfigFile >.

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Public Member Functions

void Close ()
 Close the current registry key.
bool Open (const char *Key, HKEY parent=HKEY_CURRENT_USER)
 Open a registry key.

Detailed Description

An iConfigFile, storing the settings in the Windows registry.

This class provides functionality specific to the Win32 platform. To ensure that code using this functionality compiles properly on all other platforms, the use of the class and inclusion of the header file should be surrounded by appropriate '#if defined(CS_PLATFORM_WIN32) ... #endif' statements.

Definition at line 43 of file registrycfg.h.

Member Function Documentation

void csWin32RegistryConfig::Close (  ) 

Close the current registry key.

Use this if you want reuse a registry config object at a later time but want to free it's resources for the time being.

This is called automatically on destruction or Open().
bool csWin32RegistryConfig::Open ( const char *  Key,

Open a registry key.

This will open the key named Key as a subkey of parent.

The key must be the full path, e.g. "Software\CrystalSpace".
If parent is none of the default HKEY_ roots, the key must remain open as long as a registry config object isn't Close()d.

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