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ivideo/txtmgr.h File Reference

Texture manager interface. More...

#include "csutil/scf.h"
#include "igraphic/image.h"

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struct  iRendererLightmap
 A lightmap registered with a renderer. More...
struct  iSuperLightmap
 A super light map. More...
struct  iTextureManager
 This is the standard texture manager interface. More...


Texture registration flags.

During texture registration you should tell the manager which way you're going to use the texture: whenever you're going to use it for 2D (DrawPixmap ()), for 3D (DrawPolygon ()), whenever the texture will be dynamically modified.

#define CS_TEXTURE_2D   0x00000001
 You're going to use the texture for 2D drawing.
#define CS_TEXTURE_3D   0x00000002
 You're going to use the texture for 3D drawing.
#define CS_TEXTURE_NOMIPMAPS   0x00000008
 Create mipmaps for this texture? Sometimes we know in advance that some texture will need just one mipmap (or we just don't care about the mipmapping artifacts because of, say, how texture is looking (smoothed etc)).
#define CS_TEXTURE_CLAMP   0x00000010
 This texture will not be tiled, and color lookups outside the 0..1 range will be clamped to the edge of the texture.
#define CS_TEXTURE_NOFILTER   0x00000020
 This texture will not be filtered, even if texture filtering is available.
#define CS_TEXTURE_NPOTS   0x00000040
 Store texture as non-power-of-two sized (NPOTS) if possible.
#define CS_TEXTURE_SCALE_UP   0x00000080
 Texture resizing control flag.
#define CS_TEXTURE_SCALE_DOWN   0x00000100
 Texture resizing control flag.

Detailed Description

Texture manager interface.

Definition in file txtmgr.h.

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