Public API Reference

Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
CSMain namespace for CrystalSpace
CS::AnimationAnimation-related types
CS::ContainerContainer classes
CS::DebugDebugging utilities and helpers
CS::DeprecatedContains deprecated code that will be removed after next stable release
CS::DocSystemDocument system / XML helper classes
CS::GeometryGeometry and mesh related classes
CS::GraphicsGraphics and rendering related classes
CS::MathMathematical functions and definitions
CS::MemoryMemory allocation
CS::MetaMeta-programming helpers
CS::PlatformPlatform specific code and wrappers
CS::PluginImplementation of all plugins
CS::PluginCommonCommon code shared among a number of plugins
CS::PluginCommon::GLCommon code shared among plugins using OpenGL
CS::PluginCommon::ShaderCacheHelperCommon code for shader caching
CS::PluginCommon::ShaderWeaverCommon code for plugins implementing shader weaver combiners
CS::SndSysSound system classes
CS::ThreadingFunctions and classes for threading, locking and atomic operations
CS::UtilityAssorted utility functions and classes that doesn't belong anywhere else
CS::Utility::BitOpsBit operations
CS::Utility::ResourceCacheMixins intended for use with GenericResourceCache<>

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