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_csKeyModifiers Struct Reference

Flags for all currently pressed modifiers. More...

#include <iutil/evdefs.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned int modifiers [csKeyModifierTypeLast]
 Bitmasks for different modifiers.

Detailed Description

Flags for all currently pressed modifiers.

Definition at line 136 of file evdefs.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int _csKeyModifiers::modifiers[csKeyModifierTypeLast]

Bitmasks for different modifiers.

If the modifier number n was pressed, the nth bit is set.

Example - testing for a specific modifier:

 csKeyModifiers m;
 bool rightAlt = m.modifiers[csKeyModifierTypeAlt] & 
   (1 << csKeyModifierNumRight);

Example - testing if any modifier of a type is pressed:

 csKeyModifiers m;
 bool ctrl = m.modifiers[csKeyModifierTypeAlt] != 0;

Definition at line 154 of file evdefs.h.

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