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iInstancingMeshState Struct Reference
[Mesh plugins]

This interface describes the API for the instancing mesh object. More...

#include <imesh/instmesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual size_t AddInstance (const csReversibleTransform &trans)=0
 Set the bounding box for this instmesh.
virtual const
GetInstanceTransform (size_t id)=0
 Get instance transform.
virtual void MoveInstance (size_t id, const csReversibleTransform &trans)=0
 Move an instance.
virtual void RemoveAllInstances ()=0
 Remove all instances.
virtual void RemoveInstance (size_t id)=0
 Remove an instance.

Detailed Description

This interface describes the API for the instancing mesh object.

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Definition at line 98 of file instmesh.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t iInstancingMeshState::AddInstance ( const csReversibleTransform trans  )  [pure virtual]

Set the bounding box for this instmesh.

Add an instance. Returns an ID to identify that instance.

virtual const csReversibleTransform& iInstancingMeshState::GetInstanceTransform ( size_t  id  )  [pure virtual]

Get instance transform.

virtual void iInstancingMeshState::MoveInstance ( size_t  id,
const csReversibleTransform trans 
) [pure virtual]

Move an instance.

virtual void iInstancingMeshState::RemoveAllInstances (  )  [pure virtual]

Remove all instances.

virtual void iInstancingMeshState::RemoveInstance ( size_t  id  )  [pure virtual]

Remove an instance.

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