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csutil/sysfunc.h File Reference

Common system functions. More...

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "csextern.h"
#include "csutil/ref.h"

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System functions

bool csDefaultRunLoop (iObjectRegistry *)
 Implements a default run-loop for stand-alone applications.
bool csPlatformStartup (iObjectRegistry *)
 Platform-specific startup.
bool csPlatformShutdown (iObjectRegistry *)
 Platform-specific shutdown.
int csPrintf (const char *str,...)
 CS version of printf.
int csPrintfV (const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vprintf.
int csFPrintf (FILE *file, const char *str,...)
 CS version of fprintf (file, str, ...).
int csFPrintfV (FILE *file, const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vfprintf (stderr, str, ...).
int csPrintfErrV (const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vfprintf (stderr, str, ...).
int csPrintfErr (const char *str,...)
 CS version of fprintf (stderr, str, ...).
csTicks csGetTicks ()
 Get the current tick count.
int64 csGetMicroTicks ()
 Get the current elapsed time in microseconds (us).
void csSleep (int)
 This function will freeze your application for given number of 1/1000 seconds.
csString csGetUsername ()
 Get the username of the account running the program.
csPtr< iConfigFilecsGetPlatformConfig (const char *key)
 Get a platform-specific per-user config object.
csString csGetPlatformConfigPath (const char *key, bool local=false)
 Get a platform-specific path to store per-user configuration data.

Detailed Description

Common system functions.

Definition in file sysfunc.h.

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