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csBox2 Member List

This is the complete list of members for csBox2, including all inherited members.
AddBoundingVertex(float x, float y)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertex(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexSmart(float x, float y)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexSmart(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexSmartTest(float x, float y)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexSmartTest(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexTest(float x, float y)csBox2 [inline]
AddBoundingVertexTest(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
Area() const csBox2 [inline]
Contains(const csBox2 &box) const csBox2 [inline]
csBox2()csBox2 [inline]
csBox2(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
csBox2(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)csBox2 [inline]
csBox2(const csRect &r)csBox2 [inline]
Description() const csBox2
Empty() const csBox2 [inline]
GetCenter() const csBox2 [inline]
GetCorner(int corner) const csBox2
GetEdge(int edge) const csBox2 [inline]
GetEdge(int edge, csSegment2 &e) const csBox2 [inline]
GetEdgeInfo(int edge, int &v1, int &v2) const csBox2 [inline]
In(float x, float y) const csBox2 [inline]
In(const csVector2 &v) const csBox2 [inline]
Intersect(float minx, float miny, float maxx, float maxy, csVector2 *poly, int num_poly)csBox2 [static]
Intersect(const csVector2 &minbox, const csVector2 &maxbox, csVector2 *poly, int num_poly)csBox2 [inline, static]
Intersect(csVector2 *poly, int num_poly) const csBox2 [inline]
Max(int idx) const csBox2 [inline]
Max() const csBox2 [inline]
maxboxcsBox2 [protected]
MaxX() const csBox2 [inline]
MaxY() const csBox2 [inline]
Min(int idx) const csBox2 [inline]
Min() const csBox2 [inline]
minboxcsBox2 [protected]
MinX() const csBox2 [inline]
MinY() const csBox2 [inline]
operator!=(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
operator*(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
operator*=(const csBox2 &box)csBox2
operator+(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
operator+(const csBox2 &box, const csVector2 &point)csBox2 [friend]
operator+=(const csBox2 &box)csBox2
operator+=(const csVector2 &point)csBox2
operator<(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
operator<(const csVector2 &point, const csBox2 &box)csBox2 [friend]
operator==(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
operator>(const csBox2 &box1, const csBox2 &box2)csBox2 [friend]
Overlap(const csBox2 &box) const csBox2 [inline]
Set(const csVector2 &bmin, const csVector2 &bmax)csBox2 [inline]
Set(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)csBox2 [inline]
SetCenter(const csVector2 &c)csBox2
SetMax(int idx, float val)csBox2 [inline]
SetMin(int idx, float val)csBox2 [inline]
SetSize(const csVector2 &s)csBox2
SquaredOriginDist() const csBox2
SquaredOriginMaxDist() const csBox2
SquaredPosDist(const csVector2 &pos) const csBox2
SquaredPosMaxDist(const csVector2 &pos) const csBox2
StartBoundingBox()csBox2 [inline]
StartBoundingBox(const csVector2 &v)csBox2 [inline]
StartBoundingBox(float x, float y)csBox2 [inline]
TestIntersect(const csBox2 &box) const csBox2

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