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csOBBFrozen Member List

This is the complete list of members for csOBBFrozen, including all inherited members.
Copy(const csOBB &obb)csOBBFrozen [inline]
Copy(const csOBB &obb, const csReversibleTransform &trans)csOBBFrozen
csOBBFrozen()csOBBFrozen [inline]
csOBBFrozen(const csOBB &obb)csOBBFrozen [inline]
csOBBFrozen(const csOBB &obb, const csReversibleTransform &trans)csOBBFrozen [inline]
GetCorner(int corner) const csOBBFrozen [inline]
ProjectOBB(float fov, float sx, float sy, csBox2 &sbox, float &min_z, float &max_z)csOBBFrozen
ProjectOBB(const CS::Math::Matrix4 &projection, csBox2 &sbox, float &min_z, float &max_z, int screenWidth, int screenHeight)csOBBFrozen

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