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csPoly3D Member List

This is the complete list of members for csPoly3D, including all inherited members.
AddVertex(const csVector3 &v)csPoly3D [inline]
AddVertex(float x, float y, float z)csPoly3D
Classify(const csPlane3 &pl, const csVector3 *vertices, size_t num_vertices)csPoly3D [static]
Classify(const csPlane3 &pl) const csPoly3D [inline]
ClassifyAxis(int axis, float where) const csPoly3D [inline]
ClassifyX(float x) const csPoly3D
ClassifyY(float y) const csPoly3D
ClassifyZ(float z) const csPoly3D
ComputeMainNormalAxis() const csPoly3D
ComputeNormal(const csVector3 *vertices, size_t num)csPoly3D [static]
ComputeNormal(const csArray< csVector3 > &poly)csPoly3D [static]
ComputeNormal(int *poly, size_t num, csVector3 *vertices)csPoly3D [static]
ComputeNormal() const csPoly3D [inline]
ComputePlane(const csVector3 *vertices, size_t num)csPoly3D [static]
ComputePlane(const csArray< csVector3 > &poly)csPoly3D [static]
ComputePlane(int *poly, size_t num, csVector3 *vertices)csPoly3D [static]
ComputePlane() const csPoly3D [inline]
csPoly3D(size_t start_size=10)csPoly3D
csPoly3D(const csPoly3D &copy)csPoly3D
CutToPlane(const csPlane3 &split_plane)csPoly3D
GetArea() const csPoly3D
GetCenter() const csPoly3D
GetFirst() const csPoly3D [inline]
GetLast() const csPoly3D [inline]
GetVertex(size_t i) const csPoly3D [inline]
GetVertexCount() const csPoly3D [inline]
GetVertices() const csPoly3D [inline]
GetVertices()csPoly3D [inline]
In(const csVector3 &v) const csPoly3D
In(csVector3 *poly, size_t num_poly, const csVector3 &v)csPoly3D [static]
InSphere(const csVector3 &center, float radius)csPoly3D
IsAxisAligned(float &where, float epsilon=SMALL_EPSILON) const csPoly3D
MakeRoom(size_t new_max)csPoly3D
operator[](size_t i)csPoly3D [inline]
operator[](size_t i) const csPoly3D [inline]
ProjectAxisPlane(const csVector3 &point, int plane_nr, float plane_pos, csPoly2D *poly2d) const csPoly3D [inline]
ProjectXPlane(const csVector3 &point, float plane_x, csPoly2D *poly2d) const csPoly3D
ProjectYPlane(const csVector3 &point, float plane_y, csPoly2D *poly2d) const csPoly3D
ProjectZPlane(const csVector3 &point, float plane_z, csPoly2D *poly2d) const csPoly3D
SetVertexCount(size_t n)csPoly3D [inline]
SetVertices(csVector3 const *v, size_t num)csPoly3D [inline]
SplitWithPlane(csPoly3D &front, csPoly3D &back, const csPlane3 &split_plane) const csPoly3D
SplitWithPlaneX(csPoly3D &front, csPoly3D &back, float x) const csPoly3D
SplitWithPlaneY(csPoly3D &front, csPoly3D &back, float y) const csPoly3D
SplitWithPlaneZ(csPoly3D &front, csPoly3D &back, float z) const csPoly3D
verticescsPoly3D [protected]
~csPoly3D()csPoly3D [virtual]

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