Public API Reference

csSphere Member List

This is the complete list of members for csSphere, including all inherited members.
csSphere()csSphere [inline]
csSphere(const csVector3 &center, float radius)csSphere [inline]
csSphere(const csSphere &s)csSphere [inline]
GetCenter()csSphere [inline]
GetCenter() const csSphere [inline]
GetRadius() const csSphere [inline]
operator+(const csSphere &s1, const csSphere &s2)csSphere [friend]
operator+=(const csSphere &s)csSphere [inline]
SetCenter(const csVector3 &c)csSphere [inline]
SetRadius(float r)csSphere [inline]
TestIntersect(const csSphere &sphere) const csSphere [inline]
Union(const csVector3 &ocenter, float oradius)csSphere

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