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iPortal Member List

This is the complete list of members for iPortal, including all inherited members.
AddRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
CompleteSector(iBase *context)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
ComputeCameraPlane(const csReversibleTransform &t, csPlane3 &camplane)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
DecRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetColorFilter(float &r, float &g, float &b) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetFlags()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetInterfaceMetadata()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetMaterial() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetMaximumSectorVisit() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetMissingSectorCallback(int idx) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetMissingSectorCallbackCount() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetName() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetObjectPlane()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetObjectSphere()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetPortalCallback(int idx) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetPortalCallbackCount() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetRefCount()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetSector() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetTextureFilter() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetVertexIndices() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetVertexIndicesCount() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetVertices() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetVerticesCount() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetWarp() const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetWorldPlane()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetWorldSphere()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
GetWorldVertices()=0iPortal [pure virtual]
HardTransform(const csReversibleTransform &t)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
HitBeamPortals(const csReversibleTransform &t, const csVector3 &start, const csVector3 &end, csVector3 &isect, int *polygon_idx, iSector **final_sector=0)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
IncRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
ObjectToWorld(const csReversibleTransform &t, csReversibleTransform &warp_wor) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
PointOnPolygon(const csVector3 &point)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0iBase [pure virtual]
RemoveMissingSectorCallback(iPortalCallback *cb)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
RemovePortalCallback(iPortalCallback *cb)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
RemoveRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
SetFilter(iTextureHandle *ft)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetFilter(float r, float g, float b)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetMaterial(iMaterialWrapper *mat)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetMaximumSectorVisit(int msv)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetMirror(const csPlane3 &plane)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetMissingSectorCallback(iPortalCallback *cb)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetName(const char *name)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetPortalCallback(iPortalCallback *cb)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetSector(iSector *s)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetWarp(const csMatrix3 &m_w, const csVector3 &v_w_before, const csVector3 &v_w_after)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
SetWarp(const csTransform &t)=0iPortal [pure virtual]
Warp(const csReversibleTransform &t, const csVector3 &pos) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
WarpSpace(const csReversibleTransform &warp_wor, csReversibleTransform &t, bool &mirror) const =0iPortal [pure virtual]
~iBase()iBase [inline, protected, virtual]

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