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csplugincommon/rendermanager/autofx_reflrefr.h File Reference

Automatic reflection/refraction textures. More...

#include "iengine/mesh.h"
#include "imesh/object.h"
#include "imesh/objmodel.h"
#include "csgeom/polyclip.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/cameracache.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/posteffects.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/rendertree.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/texturecache.h"

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struct  CS::RenderManager::AutoFX::ReflectRefract_Base::PersistentData
 Data used by the helper that needs to persist over multiple frames. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::AutoFX::ReflectRefract< RenderTree, ContextSetupReflect, ContextSetupRefract >
 Render manager helper for automatic plane reflection/refraction textures. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::AutoFX::ReflectRefract_Base
 Base class for ReflectRefract, containing types and members which are independent of the template arguments that can be provided to ReflectRefract. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::RenderManager

Classes for render manager plugin implementation.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::AutoFX

Classes for "automatic effects" (usually providing special textures or similar on an if-uses basis).

Detailed Description

Automatic reflection/refraction textures.

Definition in file autofx_reflrefr.h.

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