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ivaria/bullet.h File Reference

Bullet-specific interfaces. More...

#include "csutil/scf_interface.h"
#include "iutil/objreg.h"
#include "iengine/mesh.h"
#include "iengine/engine.h"
#include "imesh/genmesh.h"
#include "csgeom/tri.h"
#include "cstool/primitives.h"

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struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::HitBeamResult
 Return structure for the CS::Physics::Bullet::iDynamicSystem::HitBeam() routine. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iAnchorAnimationControl
 This class can be implemented in order to update the position of an anchor of a CS::Physics::Bullet::iSoftBody. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iBody
 A generic body in Bullet's dynamic simulation. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iDynamicSystem
 The Bullet implementation of iDynamicSystem also implements this interface. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iKinematicCallback
 A callback to be implemented when you are using kinematic bodies. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iPivotJoint
 A joint to attach to a rigid body in order to manipulate it. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iRigidBody
 The Bullet implementation of iRigidBody also implements this interface. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iSoftBody
 A soft body is a physical body that can be deformed by the physical simulation. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::iTerrainCollider
 A terrain collider for the dynamic simulation. More...
struct  CS::Physics::Bullet::SoftBodyHelper
 General helper class for CS::Physics::Bullet::iSoftBody. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::Physics

Objects of a dynamic simulation.

namespace  CS::Physics::Bullet

Objects of a dynamic simulation with the Bullet plugin.


enum  CS::Physics::Bullet::BodyState { CS::Physics::Bullet::STATE_STATIC = 0, CS::Physics::Bullet::STATE_DYNAMIC, CS::Physics::Bullet::STATE_KINEMATIC }

The physical state of a rigid body.

enum  CS::Physics::Bullet::BodyType { CS::Physics::Bullet::UNDEFINED_BODY = 0, CS::Physics::Bullet::RIGID_BODY, CS::Physics::Bullet::SOFT_BODY, CS::Physics::Bullet::TERRAIN }

The type of a Bullet's collider.

enum  CS::Physics::Bullet::DebugMode { CS::Physics::Bullet::DEBUG_NOTHING = 0, CS::Physics::Bullet::DEBUG_COLLIDERS = 1, CS::Physics::Bullet::DEBUG_AABB = 2, CS::Physics::Bullet::DEBUG_JOINTS = 4 }

The debug modes to be used with CS::Physics::Bullet::iDynamicSystem::DebugDraw().

enum  CS::Physics::Bullet::MeshDuplicationMode { CS::Physics::Bullet::MESH_DUPLICATION_NONE = 0, CS::Physics::Bullet::MESH_DUPLICATION_INTERLEAVED, CS::Physics::Bullet::MESH_DUPLICATION_CONTIGUOUS }

The mode of duplication used for the faces of the mesh.


Detailed Description

Bullet-specific interfaces.

Definition in file bullet.h.

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