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CS::Geometry::DensityTextureMapper Class Reference

Density based texture mapper. More...

#include <cstool/primitives.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DensityTextureMapper (float density)
 Create a density texture mapper with the given density.
virtual csVector2 Map (const csVector3 &, const csVector3 &, size_t idx)
 Map a 3D coordinate and a triangle plane to 2D UV space.

Detailed Description

Density based texture mapper.

This mapper tries to achieve a constant texture density on the surface. This texture mapper is really only useful on non-smoothed surfaces. So for GenerateBox(), GenerateQuad(), and GenerateTesselatedQuad().

Definition at line 86 of file primitives.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CS::Geometry::DensityTextureMapper::DensityTextureMapper ( float  density  )  [inline]

Create a density texture mapper with the given density.

This density value represents the number of times the texture is repeated in a 1x1 unit block. So a density of 10 will repeat the texture exactly 10x10 times.

Definition at line 98 of file primitives.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual csVector2 CS::Geometry::DensityTextureMapper::Map ( const csVector3 point,
const csVector3 normal,
size_t  idx 
) [virtual]

Map a 3D coordinate and a triangle plane to 2D UV space.

point is the point in 3D space.
normal is the normal of the point that we're mapping.
idx is the index in the model.
the resulting uv mapping.

Implements CS::Geometry::TextureMapper.

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