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csBSpline Member List

This is the complete list of members for csBSpline, including all inherited members.
BaseFunction(int i, float t) const csBSpline [protected, virtual]
Calculate(float time)csBSpline [virtual]
csBSpline(int d, int p)csBSpline
csSpline(int d, int p)csSpline
GetCurrentIndex() const csSpline [inline]
GetDimensionCount() const csSpline [inline]
GetDimensionValue(int dim, int idx) const csSpline [inline]
GetDimensionValues(int dim) const csSpline [inline]
GetIndexValues(int idx) const csSpline
GetInterpolatedDimension(int dim) const csBSpline [virtual]
GetPointCount() const csSpline [inline]
GetTimeValue(int idx) const csSpline [inline]
GetTimeValues() const csSpline [inline]
InsertPoint(int idx)csSpline
RemovePoint(int idx)csSpline
SetDimensionValue(int dim, int idx, float d)csSpline
SetDimensionValues(int dim, float const *d)csSpline
SetIndexValues(int idx, float const *d)csSpline
SetTimeValue(int idx, float t)csSpline
SetTimeValues(float const *t)csSpline
Setup(int d, int p)csSpline [virtual]
~csBSpline()csBSpline [virtual]
~csSpline()csSpline [virtual]

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