Public API Reference

csFlags Member List

This is the complete list of members for csFlags, including all inherited members.
Check(uint32 mask) const csFlags [inline]
CheckAll(uint32 mask) const csFlags [inline]
csFlags(uint32 value=0)csFlags [inline]
Get() const csFlags [inline]
operator!=(const csFlags &other) const csFlags [inline]
operator&(const csFlags &other) const csFlags [inline]
operator==(const csFlags &other) const csFlags [inline]
Reset(uint32 mask)csFlags [inline]
Set(uint32 mask)csFlags [inline]
Set(uint32 mask, uint32 value)csFlags [inline]
SetAll(uint32 value)csFlags [inline]
SetBool(uint32 mask, bool value)csFlags [inline]

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