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csImageManipulate Member List

This is the complete list of members for csImageManipulate, including all inherited members.
Blur(iImage *source, csRGBpixel *transp=0)csImageManipulate [static]
Crop(iImage *source, int x, int y, int width, int height)csImageManipulate [static]
Gray(iImage *source)csImageManipulate [static]
Mipmap(iImage *source, int step, csRGBpixel *transp=0)csImageManipulate [static]
RenormalizeNormals(iImage *source)csImageManipulate [static]
Rescale(iImage *source, int NewWidth, int NewHeight, int NewDepth=1)csImageManipulate [static]
Sharpen(iImage *source, int strength, csRGBpixel *transp=0)csImageManipulate [static]
TransformColor(iImage *source, const csColor4 &mult, const csColor4 &add)csImageManipulate [static]

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