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csPlane3 Member List

This is the complete list of members for csPlane3, including all inherited members.
A() const csPlane3 [inline]
A()csPlane3 [inline]
B() const csPlane3 [inline]
B()csPlane3 [inline]
C() const csPlane3 [inline]
C()csPlane3 [inline]
Classify(const csVector3 &pt) const csPlane3 [inline]
Classify(float A, float B, float C, float D, const csVector3 &pt)csPlane3 [inline, static]
ClipPolygon(csVector3 *&pverts, int &num_verts, bool reversed=false)csPlane3
ClipPolygon(const csVector3 *InVerts, size_t InCount, csVector3 *OutPolygon, size_t &OutCount, csVertexStatus *OutStatus, bool reversed=false) const csPlane3
csPlane3()csPlane3 [inline]
csPlane3(const csVector3 &plane_norm, float d=0)csPlane3 [inline]
csPlane3(float a, float b, float c, float d=0)csPlane3 [inline]
csPlane3(const csVector3 &v1, const csVector3 &v2, const csVector3 &v3)csPlane3
csPlane3(const csVector3 &v2, const csVector3 &v3)csPlane3 [inline]
D() const csPlane3 [inline]
D()csPlane3 [inline]
Description() const csPlane3
Distance(const csVector3 &pt) const csPlane3 [inline]
FindOrthogonalPoints(const csVector3 &norm, csVector3 &p, csVector3 &q)csPlane3 [static]
FindPoint() const csPlane3
GetNormal() const csPlane3 [inline]
Inverse() const csPlane3 [inline]
Invert()csPlane3 [inline]
Normal()csPlane3 [inline]
Normal() const csPlane3 [inline]
Normalize()csPlane3 [inline]
operator*(const CS::Math::Matrix4 &m_inv_t, const csPlane3 &p)csPlane3 [friend]
operator==(const csPlane3 &other) const csPlane3 [inline]
ProjectOnto(const csVector3 &p)csPlane3
ProjectOnto(const csVector3 &p) const csPlane3 [inline]
Set(float a, float b, float c, float d)csPlane3 [inline]
Set(const csVector3 &normal, float d)csPlane3 [inline]
Set(const csVector3 &v1, const csVector3 &v2, const csVector3 &v3)csPlane3
Set(const csVector3 &v2, const csVector3 &v3)csPlane3 [inline]
SetOrigin(const csVector3 &p)csPlane3 [inline]

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