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A pointer encapsulator. More...

#include <csutil/ref.h>

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class csRef< T >

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template<class T>
class csPtr< T >

A pointer encapsulator.

Represents a single, owned, one-time-transferable reference to an object and should be used only as the return value of a function, or when creating a brand new object which is assigned directly to a csRef<>. csPtr<> simply stores the pointer (it never invokes IncRef() or DecRef()). It is very specialized, and exists solely as a mechanism for transferring an existing reference into a csRef<>.

Important: There is only one valid way to use the result of a function which returns a csPtr<>: assign it to a csRef<>.

Thread safety:
It is not safe to use a csPtr<> instance concurrent in multiple threads. If you need to work with an object in multiple threads, first assign it to a csRef<> on the originating thread (and only there) and pass around the csRef<> (or a copy).
An extended explanation on smart pointers - how they work and what type to use in what scenario - is contained in the User's manual, section "Correctly Using Smart Pointers".

Definition at line 94 of file ref.h.

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