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csStringFast< LEN > Member List

This is the complete list of members for csStringFast< LEN >, including all inherited members.
Append(const char *Str, size_t Count=(size_t)-1)csStringBase
Append(const wchar_t *Str, size_t Count=(size_t)-1)csStringBase
Append(const csStringBase &Str, size_t Count=(size_t)-1)csStringBase
Append(char c)csStringBase
Append(bool b)csStringBase [inline]
Append(short v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(unsigned short v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(int v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(unsigned int v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(long v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(unsigned long v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(float v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(double v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(longlong v)csStringBase [inline]
Append(ulonglong v)csStringBase [inline]
AppendFmt(const char *format,...)csStringBase
AppendFmtV(const char *format, va_list args)csStringBase
Clear()csStringBase [inline]
Clone() const csStringBase [inline]
Compare(const csStringBase &iStr) const csStringBase [inline]
Compare(const char *iStr) const csStringBase [inline]
CompareNoCase(const csStringBase &iStr) const csStringBase [inline]
CompareNoCase(const char *iStr) const csStringBase [inline]
ComputeNewSize(size_t NewSize)csStringBase [protected]
csStringBase()csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(size_t Length)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(const csStringBase &copy)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(const char *src)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(const wchar_t *src)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(const char *src, size_t _length)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(const wchar_t *src, size_t _length)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(char c)csStringBase [inline]
csStringBase(unsigned char c)csStringBase [inline]
csStringFast()csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(size_t Length)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const csStringBase &copy)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const csStringFast &copy)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const char *src)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const char *src, size_t _length)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const wchar_t *src)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(const wchar_t *src, size_t _length)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(char c)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringFast(unsigned char c)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
DatacsStringBase [protected]
DeleteAt(size_t Pos, size_t Count=1)csStringBase
Detach()csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]
Downcase(uint flags=csUcMapSimple)csStringBase
Empty()csStringBase [inline]
EndsWith(const csStringBase &iStr, bool ignore_case=false) const csStringBase [inline]
EndsWith(const char *iStr, bool ignore_case=false) const csStringBase [inline]
ExpandIfNeeded(size_t NewSize)csStringBase [protected]
Find(const char *search, size_t pos=0, bool ignore_case=false) const csStringBase
FindFirst(char c, size_t pos=0) const csStringBase
FindFirst(const char *c, size_t pos=0) const csStringBase
FindLast(char c, size_t pos=(size_t)-1) const csStringBase
FindLast(const char *c, size_t pos=(size_t)-1) const csStringBase
FindReplace(const char *search, const char *replacement)csStringBase [inline]
FindStr(const char *search, size_t pos=0) const csStringBase [inline]
Format(const char *format,...)csStringBase
FormatV(const char *format, va_list args)csStringBase
Free()csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]
GetAt(size_t n) const csStringBase [inline]
GetCapacity() const csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]
GetData() const csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]
GetDataMutable()csStringFast< LEN > [inline, protected, virtual]
GetDataSafe() const csStringBase [inline]
GetGrowsBy() const csStringBase [inline]
GetHash() const csStringBase
GrowBycsStringBase [protected]
Insert(size_t Pos, const csStringBase &Str)csStringBase
Insert(size_t Pos, const char *Str)csStringBase
Insert(size_t Pos, char C)csStringBase
IsEmpty() const csStringBase [inline]
Length() const csStringBase [inline]
MaxSizecsStringBase [protected]
minibuffcsStringFast< LEN > [protected]
miniusedcsStringFast< LEN > [protected]
operator const char *() const csStringBase [inline]
operator!=(const csStringBase &Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator!=(const char *Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator+(const csStringBase &iStr) const csStringBase [inline]
operator+=(T const &s)csStringBase [inline]
operator<(const csStringBase &Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator<(const char *Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator<<(T const &v)csStringBase [inline]
operator=(const csStringBase &copy)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
operator=(T const &s)csStringFast< LEN > [inline]
csStringBase::operator=(const csStringBase &copy)csStringBase [inline]
operator==(const csStringBase &Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator==(const char *Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator>(const csStringBase &Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator>(const char *Str) const csStringBase [inline]
operator[](size_t n)csStringBase [inline]
operator[](size_t n) const csStringBase [inline]
Overwrite(size_t Pos, const csStringBase &Str)csStringBase
PadCenter(size_t NewSize, char PadChar= ' ')csStringBase
PadLeft(size_t NewSize, char PadChar= ' ')csStringBase
PadRight(size_t NewSize, char PadChar= ' ')csStringBase
Reclaim()csStringBase [inline]
Replace(const csStringBase &Str, size_t Count=(size_t)-1)csStringBase
Replace(const char *Str, size_t Count=(size_t)-1)csStringBase
Replace(T const &val)csStringBase [inline]
ReplaceAll(const char *search, const char *replacement)csStringBase
SetAt(size_t n, const char c)csStringBase [inline]
SetCapacity(size_t NewSize)csStringBase
SetCapacityInternal(size_t NewSize, bool soft)csStringFast< LEN > [inline, protected, virtual]
ShrinkBestFit()csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]
SizecsStringBase [protected]
Slice(size_t start, size_t len=(size_t)-1) const csStringBase
StartsWith(const csStringBase &iStr, bool ignore_case=false) const csStringBase [inline]
StartsWith(const char *iStr, bool ignore_case=false) const csStringBase [inline]
SubString(csStringBase &sub, size_t start, size_t len=(size_t)-1) const csStringBase
Truncate(size_t Len)csStringBase
Upcase(uint flags=csUcMapSimple)csStringBase
~csStringBase()csStringBase [virtual]
~csStringFast()csStringFast< LEN > [inline, virtual]

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