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csVertexCompressor Member List

This is the complete list of members for csVertexCompressor, including all inherited members.
Compress(csVector3 *vertices, csVector2 *texels, csVector3 *normals, csColor4 *colors, size_t num_vertices, csVector3 *&new_vertices, csVector2 *&new_texels, csVector3 *&new_normals, csColor4 *&new_colors, size_t &new_count)csVertexCompressor [static]
Compress(csArray< csVector3 > &vertices, csArray< csVector2 > &texels, csArray< csVector3 > &normals, csArray< csColor4 > &colors)csVertexCompressor [static]
Compress(csRef< iRenderBuffer > *buffers, size_t numBuffers, size_t &newCount)csVertexCompressor [static]

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