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ivaria/decal.h File Reference

Decal and Decal manager interfaces. More...

#include "csutil/scf.h"
#include "csutil/array.h"
#include "ivideo/graph3d.h"
#include "ivideo/rendermesh.h"

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struct  iDecal
 A decal created by the iDecalManager. More...
struct  iDecalAnimationControl
 A decal animation control, to be used by the iMeshObject when the vertices of the decal have to be animated. More...
struct  iDecalBuilder
 Interface for mesh objects to use to build decals for their mesh object. More...
struct  iDecalManager
 Creates and manages decals. More...
struct  iDecalTemplate
 Interface for a decal template which dictates the appearance of a newly created iDecal. More...

Detailed Description

Decal and Decal manager interfaces.

Definition in file decal.h.

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