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csplugincommon/rendermanager/hdrexposure.h File Reference

HDR exposure controllers. More...

#include "csgfx/textureformatstrings.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/hdrexposure_luminance.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/hdrhelper.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/posteffects.h"
#include "csutil/ref.h"

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class  CS::RenderManager::HDR::Exposure::Configurable
 Exposure controller wrapping other exposure controllers, allowing the choice of exposure through the configuration system. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::HDR::Exposure::Linear
 A simple exposure controller, just scaling color values by a factor. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::RenderManager

Classes for render manager plugin implementation.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::HDR

Helpers for HDR effects.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::HDR::Exposure

Exposure computation.

Detailed Description

HDR exposure controllers.

Definition in file hdrexposure.h.

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