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namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::Animation

Animation-related types.

namespace  CS::Checksum

Checksums and message digests.

namespace  CS::Collisions

Collision detection and utilities.

namespace  CS::Container

Container classes.

namespace  CS::Debug

Debugging utilities and helpers.

namespace  CS::Deprecated

Contains deprecated code that will be removed after next stable release.

namespace  CS::DocSystem

Document system / XML helper classes.

namespace  CS::Geometry

Geometry and mesh tools related classes.

namespace  CS::Graphics

Graphics and rendering related classes.

namespace  CS::Material

Material and texture related classes.

namespace  CS::Math

Mathematical functions and definitions.

namespace  CS::Math::Noise

Noise generation and utilities.

namespace  CS::Math::Noise::Model

Geometric models for noise generation.

namespace  CS::Math::Noise::Module

Noise modules for the combination of noise functions.

namespace  CS::Media

Multimedia content manipulation.

namespace  CS::Memory

Memory allocation.

namespace  CS::Mesh


namespace  CS::Meta

Meta-programming helpers.

namespace  CS::Persistence

Loading and saving helper classes.

namespace  CS::Physics

Objects of a dynamic simulation.

namespace  CS::Physics::Bullet

Objects of a dynamic simulation with the Bullet plugin.

namespace  CS::Platform

Platform specific code and wrappers.

namespace  CS::Platform::Win32

Win32-specific classes and functions.

namespace  CS::Plugin

Implementation of all plugins.

namespace  CS::PluginCommon

Common code shared among a number of plugins.

namespace  CS::PluginCommon::GL

Common code shared among plugins using OpenGL.

namespace  CS::PluginCommon::ShaderCacheHelper

Common code for shader caching.

namespace  CS::PluginCommon::ShaderWeaver

Common code for plugins implementing shader weaver combiners.

namespace  CS::RenderManager

Classes for render manager plugin implementation.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::AutoFX

Classes for "automatic effects" (usually providing special textures or similar on an if-uses basis).

namespace  CS::RenderManager::HDR

Helpers for HDR effects.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::HDR::Exposure

Exposure computation.

namespace  CS::RenderManager::HDR::Luminance

Rendered scene luminance computation.

namespace  CS::SndSys

Sound system classes.

namespace  CS::Threading

Functions and classes for threading, locking and atomic operations.

namespace  CS::Utility

Assorted utility functions and classes that doesn't belong anywhere else.

namespace  CS::WX

Classes/helpers for wxWidgets integration.

Detailed Description

Documentation for namespaces in CS.

Definition in file namespacedocs.h.

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