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csplugincommon/rendermanager/render.h File Reference

Context rendering. More...

#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/posteffects.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/operations.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/rendertree.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/svarrayholder.h"
#include "csplugincommon/rendermanager/occluvis.h"
#include "ivideo/graph2d.h"
#include "iengine/sector.h"

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class  CS::RenderManager::BeginFinishDrawScope
 Scope wrapper for setting BeginDraw flags and calling FinishDraw on scope end. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::ContextTargetSetup< ContextType >
 Scope wrapper for setting render target from context settings. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::RenderCommon< RenderTree >
 Common mesh render functions. More...
struct  CS::RenderManager::RenderCommon< RenderTree >::ShaderActivator
 Helper to manage shader pass activation/setup/teardown/deactivation. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::SimpleContextRender< RenderTree >
 Render mesh nodes within one context. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::SimpleContextRenderByMesh< RenderTree >
 Render mesh nodes within one context with "by mesh" render grouping. More...
class  CS::RenderManager::SimpleTreeRenderer< RenderTree >
 Renderer for multiple contexts, grouping them by render target and rendering all layers of each context to same target. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::RenderManager

Classes for render manager plugin implementation.

Detailed Description

Context rendering.

Definition in file render.h.

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