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CS::DocSystem::iDocumentPreprocessor Struct Reference

Interface to document preprocessor plugin. More...

#include <ivaria/docpreproc.h>

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virtual csPtr< iDocumentNodeProcess (iDocumentNode *doc)=0
 Preprocess a document node and it's children.

Detailed Description

Interface to document preprocessor plugin.

This applies a preprocessing step featuring “templates” (comparable to C++ preprocessor macros), “defines” (comparable to C++ preprocessor conditions) and “generation” (like a for-loop for nodes).

For a reference, see the “Shader Processing Instructions” section in: (Note: “Shader Conditions” support is not handled by the preprocessor plugin!)

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Definition at line 47 of file docpreproc.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual csPtr<iDocumentNode> CS::DocSystem::iDocumentPreprocessor::Process ( iDocumentNode doc  )  [pure virtual]

Preprocess a document node and it's children.

Returns a new node instance with the preprocessed result.

The original document node will still be referred to; changing it and simulatenously keeping a preprocessed node around will have undefined results!

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