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CS::Physics::SoftBodyHelper Struct Reference

General helper class for CS::Physics::iSoftBody. More...

#include <ivaria/physics.h>

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static csPtr< iMeshFactoryWrapperCreateClothGenMeshFactory (iObjectRegistry *object_reg, const char *factoryName, iSoftBody *cloth, csVector2 scale=csVector2(1.0f))
 Create a genmesh from the given cloth soft body.

Detailed Description

General helper class for CS::Physics::iSoftBody.

Definition at line 868 of file physics.h.

Member Function Documentation

static csPtr<iMeshFactoryWrapper> CS::Physics::SoftBodyHelper::CreateClothGenMeshFactory ( iObjectRegistry object_reg,
const char *  factoryName,
iSoftBody cloth,
csVector2  scale = csVector2 (1.0f) 
) [inline, static]

Create a genmesh from the given cloth soft body.

This may be useful eg if you created the soft body using a iSoftClothFactory. The genmesh will be double-sided, in order to have correct normals on both sides of the cloth (ie the vertices of the soft body will be duplicated for the genmesh). The duplication mode of the faces of the mesh generated is CS::Physics::MESH_DUPLICATION_CONTIGUOUS, that parameter can therefore be used e.g. in CS::Animation::iSoftBodyAnimationControl::SetSoftBody().

object_reg The object registry
factoryName The name of the factory to be created
scale The scale to be applied on the UV mapping.

Definition at line 883 of file physics.h.

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