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iCamera Member List

This is the complete list of members for iCamera, including all inherited members.
AddCameraListener(iCameraListener *listener)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
AddCameraSectorListener(iCameraSectorListener *listener)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
AddRefOwner(void **ref_owner, CS::Threading::Mutex *mutex)=0iBase [pure virtual]
Clone() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
Correct(int n)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
DecRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetCameraNumber() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetFarPlane() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetFOV() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetFOVAngle() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetInterfaceMetadata()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetInvFOV() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetInvProjectionMatrix()=0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetOnlyPortals()=0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetProjectionMatrix()=0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetRefCount()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetSector() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetShiftX() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetShiftY() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetTransform()=0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetTransform() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
GetVisibleVolume(uint32 &mask)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
IncRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
InvPerspective(const csVector2 &p, float z) const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
InvProject(const csVector2 &p, float z) const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
IsMirrored() const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
Move(const csVector3 &v, bool cd=true)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
MoveUnrestricted(const csVector3 &v)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
MoveWorld(const csVector3 &v, bool cd=true)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
MoveWorldUnrestricted(const csVector3 &v)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
OnlyPortals(bool hop)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
Perspective(const csVector3 &v) const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
Project(const csVector3 &v) const =0iCamera [pure virtual]
QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0iBase [pure virtual]
QuerySceneNode()=0iCamera [pure virtual]
RemoveCameraListener(iCameraListener *listener)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
RemoveCameraSectorListener(iCameraSectorListener *listener)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
RemoveRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
SetFarPlane(csPlane3 *fp)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetFOV(int fov, int width)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetFOVAngle(float fov, int width)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetMirrored(bool m)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetPerspectiveCenter(float x, float y)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetSector(iSector *)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetTransform(const csOrthoTransform &tr)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
SetViewportSize(int width, int height)=0iCamera [pure virtual]
~iBase()iBase [inline, protected, virtual]

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