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iLight Member List

This is the complete list of members for iLight, including all inherited members.
AddRefOwner(void **ref_owner, CS::Threading::Mutex *mutex)=0iBase [pure virtual]
CreateCrossHalo(float intensity, float cross)=0iLight [pure virtual]
CreateFlareHalo()=0iLight [pure virtual]
CreateNovaHalo(int seed, int num_spokes, float roundness)=0iLight [pure virtual]
DecRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetAttenuationConstants() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetAttenuationMode() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetBrightnessAtDistance(float d) const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetCenter() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetColor() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetCutoffDistance() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetDirectionalCutoffRadius() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetDynamicType() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetFlags()=0iLight [pure virtual]
GetFullCenter() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetHalo() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetInterfaceMetadata()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetLightCallback(int idx) const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetLightCallbackCount() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetLightID()=0iLight [pure virtual]
GetLightNumber() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetLocalBBox() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetMovable()=0iLight [pure virtual]
GetRefCount()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetSector()=0iLight [pure virtual]
GetSpecularColor() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetSpotLightFalloff(float &inner, float &outer) const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetSVContext()=0iLight [pure virtual]
GetType() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
GetWorldBBox() const =0iLight [pure virtual]
IncRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
OnSetPosition()=0iLight [pure virtual]
QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0iBase [pure virtual]
QueryObject()=0iLight [pure virtual]
QuerySceneNode()=0iLight [pure virtual]
RemoveLightCallback(iLightCallback *cb)=0iLight [pure virtual]
RemoveRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
SetAttenuationConstants(const csVector4 &constants)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetAttenuationMode(csLightAttenuationMode a)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetCenter(const csVector3 &pos)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetColor(const csColor &col)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetCutoffDistance(float distance)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetDirectionalCutoffRadius(float radius)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetLightCallback(iLightCallback *cb)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetSpecularColor(const csColor &col)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetSpotLightFalloff(float inner, float outer)=0iLight [pure virtual]
SetType(csLightType type)=0iLight [pure virtual]
~iBase()iBase [inline, protected, virtual]

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