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ivaria/vehicle.h File Reference

Physical vehicles. More...

#include "ivaria/physics.h"

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struct  CS::Physics::iVehicle
 A physical, wheeled, grounded vehicle. More...
struct  CS::Physics::iVehicleBrake
 A brake acts on a given set of wheels with a given amount of force. More...
struct  CS::Physics::iVehicleFactory
 A factory to create instances of iVehicle. More...
struct  CS::Physics::iVehicleSteeringDevice
 A steering device steers a given set of tires with a given maximum amount. More...
struct  CS::Physics::iVehicleWheel
 The wheel of a vehicle. More...
struct  CS::Physics::iVehicleWheelFactory
 The factory for the wheel of a vehicle. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::Physics

Objects of a dynamic simulation.

Detailed Description

Physical vehicles.

Definition in file vehicle.h.

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