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ivideo/videodecode.h File Reference

Video decoding. More...

#include "csutil/ref.h"
#include "csutil/scf.h"
#include "csutil/threadmanager.h"

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struct  CS::Media::iMedia
 Base of media streams. More...
struct  CS::Media::iMediaContainer
 Container for the different streams inside a video file. More...
struct  CS::Media::iMediaLoader
 The media loader is used to load and initialize a iMediaContainer. More...
struct  CS::Media::iMediaPlayer
 The media player can be used to play a media. More...
struct  CS::Media::iVideoMedia
 Video stream. More...
struct  CS::Media::MediaLanguage
 Used to store languages available for a media file. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::Media

Multimedia content manipulation.

Detailed Description

Video decoding.

Definition in file videodecode.h.

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