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These are probably the most useful commands. The others commands can be grouped into types or related commands.

quit [q]

Exit the program.


Display the version string.

bind key command

Bind a key to a command. The given key can be anything like alt-c, shift-pgdn, home, ctrl-space, etc. The command can be anything that you can execute in the console. If you only give a key this command will show the current command that is bound to that key. If you give no parameters then all current key-bindings will be listed. Note that if you bind a key which has already been bound then the old key-binding will be removed.

This command is used extensively in `/data/config/autoexec.cfg' to set up the key bindings for walktest.

Note that pressing a key executes the command once only, unless the modifier `status' is given. For example, bind left rotate_left will execute only one rotate_left command when the left arrow is pressed, but bind status-left rotate_left will continue to rotate while the key is pressed.

The modifiers are status (as described above), shift, ctrl, alt. The shift modifier must be used. Bind S is not the same as bind-shift-s.

The special key names are left, up, down, right, pgup, pgdn, enter, f1 to f10

console [Tab]

Toggle console visibility. Not useful in itself, but bound to the Tab key.

coordset sector,x,y,z

Jump to location, specified as a sector name and X, Y, Z coordinates.

coordshow Boolean [Control C]

Enable/disable display of coordinate at runtime. Note that enabling the coordinates display automatically disables the statistics display.

coordsave [Shift C]

Save the current sector and location in VFS file `/tmp/walktest.cam'.

coordload [c]

Restore the saved position from VFS file `/tmp/walktest.cam'. Note that the position will always be restored but the orientation of the camera will only be restored if `move3d' is set.

exec name

Run a script, one line per frame. The name must be a VFS path.

extension str

Perform a Graphics extension command in the 2D canvas plugin. This is plugin-dependant. Currently the X11 port is the only port that has extensions (`sim_pal', `sim_grey', and `sim_332'). They are used when simulating 15/16-bit display mode on a 8-bit display

s_fog r,g,b,density

If no arguments are given this command will show the fog settings for the current sector. Otherwise you can set the fog level for this sector. Syntax is `s_fog r,g,b,density'.

snd_play name

Play named sound as `name.wav' as an ephemeral sound.

snd_volume Value

Change the master volume. Value between 0 and 1.


Usage message, listing these commands in a slightly more terse form.

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