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This allows demos to be recorded.


Start/stop recording camera movement. If you have a previous recording in memory then a the new camera movements will be appended.


Play current recording. The play command also exists in other forms concerned with performance statistics, not a recording of motion.


Clear current recording.

saverec file

Save recording as `/tmp/file.rec', default `/tmp/record'. It is only sensible play back a recording in the same or nearly identical map.

loadrec file

Load recording from `/tmp/file.rec', default `/tmp/record'.

recsubperf str - record subperformance

Once a recording has begun this command is used to record the statistics of a subsection of the demo and is reported as such in the output `file.rps' when played back. To finish the subsection call the command again without an argument. `recsubperf' stands for record subsection performance.

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