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4.10.16 Particle Systems in General

Written by Jorrit Tyberghein, jorrit.tyberghein@gmail.com.

This section explains everything that is common to all particle systems. Go to the specific particle system section for more information about a particle system in particular.

Particle State Interface

Use the `iParticleState' SCF interface to access settings for particle systems in general. The definition of this interface can be found in `CS/include/imesh/partsys.h' and that's also the include file you need to include in your applications to use particle system plugins. Using this interface you can access the material, blending mode (mixmode), color, and various other parameters.

Object Loader

Every particle system will at least have the following keywords in the loader for the object. In addition it will add particle system specific keywords which are explained in the respective sections.


Name of the factory to use for creation of this instance.

<mixmode><mode /></mixmode>

Blending mode, one of `add', `alpha', `copy', `keycolor', `multiply2', `multiply', or `transparent'.


Material to use for the particle system.

<color red="" green="" blue="" />

Color to use for all particles.

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