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4.16.4 Old Format of Map File

Written by Eric Sunshine, sunshine@sunshineco.com.

NOTE: This document is outdated. Map files now use XML format rather than the format described here. However, some of the information here is still useful and has not yet been transformed to the new XML format documentation. See section Format of Map File (XML).

The next couple sections of this document describe the format of the standard Crystal Space map file. The first section describes the syntax of the file. The second section contains extra discussions and hints regarding the map file and the objects contained within it.

The Crystal Space engine, itself, does not care about the external format of world data, nor does it care about how that information was obtained. It is possible to create additional map loaders as plug-in modules which understand world data stored in other formats, such as binary. A map loading plug-in module could even load maps over the network from a map file server, or generate worlds randomly based upon some set of input properties. There are many possibilities.

The map file syntax described in this section, however, is that which is understood by the standard map file loader which accompanies Crystal Space. It deals strictly with plain-text files.

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