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4.17.2 Playing a Sound

Playing a Sound Once

You can create more than one source to have the same sound played multiple times at the same time. For instance if you have a shooting sound and you want your players to shoot at the same time and have the correct number of shooting sounds.

#include "isndsys/ss_source.h"
#include "isndsys/ss_loader.h"
#include "isndsys/ss_renderer.h"
#include "isndsys/ss_manager.h"
#include "imap/loader.h"


if (!csInitializer::RequestPlugins(object_reg,

  csRef<iLoader> loader = csQueryRegistry<iLoader> (GetObjectRegistry());
  if (!loader) ReportError("Failed to locate Loader!");

  csRef<iSndSysRenderer> sndrenderer = csQueryRegistry<iSndSysRenderer> (GetObjectRegistry());
  if (!sndrenderer) ReportError("Failed to locate Sound renderer!"); 
  csRef<iSndSysWrapper> w_boom = loader->LoadSoundWrapper("buzz","/lib/std/loopbzzt.wav");
  if(!w_boom) ReportError("No Wrapper");

  csRef<iSndSysData> snddata = w_boom->GetData();
  if(!snddata) ReportError("No Sound Data");

  csRef<iSndSysStream> sndstream = sndrenderer->CreateStream (snddata, CS_SND3D_ABSOLUTE);
  if(!sndstream) ReportError("No Stream");
  sndstream->SetLoopState (CS_SNDSYS_STREAM_DONTLOOP);
  sndstream->Unpause ();
  csRef<iSndSysSource> sndsrc = sndrenderer->CreateSource (sndstream);
  if(!sndsrc)ReportError("No Source");

  sndsrc->SetVolume( 1.0 );

Looping Background Music

Here is how you can specify a looping sound:

  sndstream->SetLoopState (CS_SNDSYS_STREAM_DONTLOOP);
  sndstream->Unpause ();

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