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2.6 Quick Start

Once you have built the Crystal Space system and its demonstration applications you may be eager to test them out. This section will give you the opportunity to do so without forcing you to wade through an overabundance of explanations. Later sections will describe options and applications in more detail, but for now, sit back and have some fun.

Typically, the executable for each application and its support files will be located in the same directory, though this is not strictly necessary. The map files are generally placed in the ‘CS/data’ directory, but this not required. Please note that the map ZIP files should not be unpacked. Crystal Space can read these files directly.

In the following examples we will run ‘walktest’, the quintessential Crystal Space demonstration program in various ways.

When running ‘walktest’ for the first time we must update it's lightmaps. This is accomplished by adding ‘-relight’ to the command line.

On Windows:

walktest.exe -relight

On other Operating Systems:

./walktest -relight

In this example, we will run ‘walktest’ and specify the map it should load and use.

On Windows:

walktest.exe map

On other Operating Systems:

./walktest map

Replace map with any map file name which you have downloaded and placed in your ‘CS/data’ directory. For instance:

walktest partsys

If your map is not one of those from the CS homepage, you may also have to add it to ‘vfs.cfg’. Look at the entries for the other maps to see how to do this.

Note when running lightmap based maps you must as above in our initial example update it's lightmaps. This is accomplished as stated by adding ‘-relight’ to the command line. Do not worry about this too much, if lightmaps are out of date you will in most cases be prompted of the fact in your terminal and advised to re-run the application with ‘-relight’.

You can also use other command line parameters when running Crystal Space applications. See section Common Command Line Options. Detailed setup can be done in the configuration file. See section Configuration File. For Walktest, in-game setup can be done via the console. See section Console Commands.

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