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4.6.2 Utility Library (csUtil)

This utility library consists of many handy tools and classes which depend upon no other library within Crystal Space. All other plugins and libraries utilize the features provided by this library. An important facility within this library is SCF, the Shared Class Facility, upon which all Crystal Space plugins are predicated. See section Shared Class Facility (SCF).

In addition to the many other useful classes, there are a number of handy array templates in this library.

Also in ‘csutil’ are the ‘.cfg’ file reader and the random number generator.

The other classes might or might not be useful, so if you need some very common functionality in your application, you should look in the API reference to see if it is already implemented. The usage of these classes will not be explained further, as most functions are self-explanatory. The comments in the API reference and the header files should also help.

Exceptions should be made here for the ‘csObject’ class and for typed vectors. They will be explained in the next sections.

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