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This section describes the configuration keys used by the 3D engine. The default values are stored in ‘CS/data/config/engine.cfg’.

Lighting Options

Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Red = [0..255]
Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Green = [0..255]
Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Blue = [0..255]

These keys set the amount of ambient light that is used when lighting is calculated. This amount of light is present on all textures even if no light source shines on them. Default values are 20 luminosity units.

Engine.Lighting.CosinusFactor = [-1..1]

Control how much the angle of the light with the polygon it hits affects the final light value. Values ranges from -1 to 1. With -1 the polygons will get no light at all. With 0 it will be perfect cosine rule. With 1 the cosine is ignored and it will be like CrystalSpace was in the past. Note that changing this value at runtime only has an effect on dynamic lights. This option corresponds to the -cosfact commandline option and the ‘cosfact’ console command. (default: 0)

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