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In addition to obtaining the project source code (see section Where to Get Crystal Space), you may also want to download and compile several support libraries used for image manipulation (see section External Libraries). The libraries ‘libpng’ and ‘libjpeg’, which are present on many Unix installations, are absent from MacOS/X. The optional ‘libmng’ is less common.

One way to procure these libraries is to install them with Fink, which is a tool for installing pre-built Unix and Unix-like tools and resources on MacOS/X.


Alternately, the libraries can be built manually. You can download the required external library source code packages from their canonical download sites (see section External Libraries).

If you have permission to do so, it is best to install the JPEG, PNG, and MNG libraries in standard locations by following the installation instructions for each package (for example ‘make install’). In some cases, these libraries may already be present on your computer if you installed them separately (via Fink, for instance) or if they were installed by default. (For example, ZLIB, which is also required by Crystal Space, is already pre-installed on MacOS/X.)

If you do not have permission to install these libraries, you can still build Crystal Space by unpacking each external library into the ‘CS/libs’ directory and building them there. For example:

cd CS/libs
gnutar xfz libpng*.tar.gz
gnutar xfz jpegsrc*.tar.gz
gnutar xfz libmng*.tar.gz

The libraries can be built as follows:

cd CS/libs/libpng*
make -f scripts/makefile.macosx libpng.a

cd ../*jpeg*
sh ./configure
make libjpeg.a

cd ../libmng*
sh ./configure
make libmng.a

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