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4.18.4 Python Bindings

Originally written by Eric Sunshine, sunshine@sunshineco.com.

Crystal Space is accessible from Python in two ways:

  1. as a Crystal Space plugin module in which C++ code can call upon Python code, and in which Python code can call upon Crystal Space. This approach requires good knowledge of both c++ and python, but is good for projects which want to keep their main binaries in c++.
  2. as a pure Python module named ‘cspace’ which one can ‘import’ from within Python programs. Using this approach you can make applications entirely in python.

In the following sections you will find information about how to get ready to use the bindings, how to use both of the above approaches, plus some General Information on how the cs api is translated to python and some Basics on handling the typical crystalspace idioms from python.

There is also a wiki with more documentation at the crystalspace web site http://crystalspace3d.org/main/PyCrystal

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