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5.6.2 lighter2 Developer's Manual


This section describes how lighter2 options can be set from inside a Crystal Space ‘world’ file or library. The effect of options will not be described in detail; refer to the “User's Manual” for a that.

General Syntax

lighter2 options are set with the help of key-value-pairs:

    <key name="lighter2" editoronly="yes" option=value ... />

Such a ‘key’ node must be placed inside a ‘meshobj’ node for mesh object options respectively a ‘meshfact’ node for mesh factory options.

Here, ‘name="lighter2"’ is used by lighter2 to identify keys containing options. ‘editoronly="yes"’ instructs the engine to discard the key-value-pair during normal execution in order to conserve memory (since the lighter2-specific settings are simply not needed). The actual options are specified by a number of option=value pairs.

Available options


Apply to: mesh objects, factories Possible values: ‘yes’, ‘no’

Enable per-vertex lighting.


Apply to: mesh factories Possible values: floating point number

Control lightmap density.


Apply to: mesh objects, factories Possible values: ‘yes’, ‘no’

Disables casting of shadows from an object onto itself.


Apply to : sector

Values : integer values

Set the number of photons to by emitted for this sector. Only when using photon mapping. The sector will not be affected by the global “numPhotons” option.

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