We currently support a number of particle emitters, those are listed below. To add an emitter to a 3dsmax scene select the "Create" tab (the one you use for creating Boxes) and click on the Helpers icon. Select "Point" helper and add that to the scene where you want to place the emitter. "Point" has a properties page like other objects.

For editing particles sytems more easily you might find usefull to use the partedit application than you should find at the root of th "CS" directory , note than the for more finetunning you should edit the properties directly in the world file using the properties described after, if you want good sample have a look at to the ones shipped with the CEL project.
All emitter use a default texture: raindrop.png. If you want to specify a different texture you can just add a property to the Point object called MATERIAL. ex.: MATERIAL=icedrop.png

All emitter use a default mixmode: add. If you want to specify a different mixmode you can just add a property to the Point object called MIXMODE. Available mixmodes are: add, copy, mult2, mult, alpha, transparent, keycolor, tiling. ex.: MIXMODE=copy

Fire: Used for torches, campfires, etc... Add ALL those properties to the object :
* TYPE=fire
* DROPSIZE=0.1,0.1
* SWIRL=1.8

the attribute tab

Emit: Can produce a great amount of effects because is highly customizable. Add those properties to the object.

The AGING part is really important, there you can set what happens to the emitter during time. Here is the meaning of the fields used in AGING line:

AGING0=<time>,<color red>,<color green>,<color blue>,<alpha>,<swirl>,<rotspeed>,<scale>

An Emit MUST have an attractor. This is where the particles will be attracted through the time cycle described in the AGING fields. In the ATTRACTOR field you have to set the 3dsmax Point Object that will use that.

Aging: Aging is optional and can range from 0 to 5 entries.

Attractor: Used in combination with the Emit, has only one property that tells the exporter that it must be not considered as a stand-alone emitter.

some fire

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