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Exporting a level

Select PlaneShift->Export Level.

This is the export dialog:

Export Level To: In the first field you should specify the export filename including its full path. Ex.: d:\myStuff\CS\levels\level1\world.txt

Scale: This indicates which is the scale to apply to the current scene while exporting, if you follow the guideline of "1 meter = 1 generic unit" you can place "1" in this field.

Export!: This button starts the export.

Copy textures to dest dir: If you check this option, a new dir will be created in the same dir of the output file and will be called <filename>textures. In this directory there will be copied all the textures files present in the scene (the ones used by objects). Multimaterials are supported.

Generate Fake lights for walktest: If you check this option, the exporter will add to the world file generated also some animations used to test the day/night setting of all lights present in the level. If you check this option you must add a value in the next field.

Duration (msecs): tells the exporter how much time each hour (1 frame=1 hour in max) will last in the fake light simulation.

Rename the generated file as "world" and copy it and the textures in the directory you just created.
Open a console , cd to your directory (typing cd /the/path/to/CS ) and run "walktest /this/data/my_scene_name -relight"



If you want to fly while visiting the level in walktest you can just press '8'. This will disable gravity.

If you want don't want to recalc all lights because it takes too much enable bugplug and then press CRTL-D followed by L while in 3d view. To enable bugplug you simply have to edit the walktest.cfg file located in data/config (or bin/data/config). In that file locate this line and remove the starting ';' char.
System.Plugins.iBugPlug = crystalspace.utilities.bugplug

Bugplug will also enable the FPS display in the lower left corner of the 3d view.


You might need to convert some objects to editable meshs and define your scene as a 24 or 48 frames scene before exporting.
If you dont want to mind with the 24 frames export, and just need a preview of a static scene using walktest : Open the genered file with notepad or so , go to the end of it,then delete everything between the <trigger>...< /triggers> and <sequences>...</sequences> tags
Don't forget to use a target camera for setting starting point and give and add roomname in the file properties ( forgetting this one would prompt you for an error anyway )

Don't forget to enclose all your scene into a skydome and add some light in order to avoid display glitches
If you can't see anything, try changing the scale factor from 0.01 to 0.1 , as the camera place correspond to the emplacement of your "feet" in the walktest and your starting point of view "eyes" may be stuck into a wall or the skydome when loading