Objects Properties

There are a number of supported CS properties that you can set in 3dsmax. Some are based on the naming convention others are defined as properties of the object in 3dsmax. To set a property in 3dsmax just select the object and right-click to open the object menu. Select "Properties...", then the tab "User Defined". In that window you can add the properties of the object. Be sure to use same case, properties are case sensitive.

title description options defaults
Player Barrier If you need one object to be invisible and to block players (they can't pass through it), then define the object as a "player barrier".
Smooth Changes lightmap so the object will appear more round, if the object is not exposed to a light, it will not look rounded.
Default is no smooth. You can activate that with:

  • SMOOTH=yes
  • NO

    No Shadows:

    Sprites don't cast shadow. Static objects normally cast shadows. You can disable shadows on static objects using that setting. Default is casting shadows.

  • YES


    Static objects are normally lit by the surrounding lights. You can disable this and have the object shine by himself. Default is to be affected by external lighting.

  • YES

    Collision Detection:

    Normally you can't pass through objects, they will collide with other objects and stop them. You can disable collision detection so you can move through it. Default is collision detection yes.

  • COLLDET=no
  • YES

    Invisible faces:

    You can set some faces to be invisible in CS. Imagine you have a box, but you want 1 face to be invisible. You can surely remove that face, but it seems that Dynavis works better if you keep that face and set it as invisible. So Dynavis will consider the object closed, and you will have the same visual effect. To set a face as invisible, create a new material with texture "csinvisible.tga" (this IS case-sensitive) and assign it to the faces you want to be invisible. Those faces will be flagged as LIGHTING=no and INVISIBLE=yes.



    If an object has a transparent texture you need no special flag on the object itself. You have to set the texture as transparent. To do that, open the material editor, pick your material and select the "Opacity" checkbox. It's not needed that you also add a texture for it.

    Set on texture and not on object.



    Sky objects must have a different rendering priority in CS, to set an object as a sky object (like the bounding box of your level) name it with prefix "_sky_". Example: _sky_box01.

    Disable Culing:

    If you set this property to off the object will not be considered for visibility culling purposes. Default is on.

  • VISCULL=no
  • YES

    Only for Culling:

    If you set this property the object will be used only for culling purposes, so the object will be invisible.

  • NO

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