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CS::RenderManager::ShadowPSSM< RenderTree, LayerConfigType > Class Template Reference

PSSM shadow handler. More...

#include <csplugincommon/rendermanager/shadow_pssm.h>

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struct  PersistentData
 Data used by the shadow handler that needs to persist over multiple frames. More...
class  ViewSetup
 Shadow per-view specific data. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename RenderTree, typename LayerConfigType>
class CS::RenderManager::ShadowPSSM< RenderTree, LayerConfigType >

PSSM shadow handler.

Usage: in the ShadowHandler argument of the LightSetup class. In addition, on initialization the SetConfigPrefix() method of the shadow handler persistent data (accessible through the light setup persistent data) must be called, before the light setup persistent data is initialized:

 // First, set prefix for configuration settings
 lightPersistent.shadowPersist.SetConfigPrefix ("RenderManager.ShadowPSSM");
 // Then, light setup (and shadow handler) persistent data is initialized
 lightPersistent.Initialize (objectReg, treePersistent.debugPersist);

Definition at line 68 of file shadow_pssm.h.

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